Our Mission

Sanctuary Health & Social Care will provide communities with equitable medical care, social services and, patient advocacy free of charge. Sanctuary is an extension of the strength and compassion of its communities and will reflect the culture and identity of the people it respectfully serves, both patients and providers.

Sanctuary Service Orientation

Sanctuary Health & Social Care, in its efforts to engage the community and be effective patient advocates, is recognizing the central value of the role of our board, staff, and volunteers as leaders that contribute to our organizational identity and values. Sanctuary Health & Social Care’s strategy is to educate volunteer professionals and student interns regarding professional development, patient advocacy, community engagement, healthcare activism, cultural sensitivity, religious tolerance, and social equity. To achieve this, Sanctuary Health & Social Care is developing service-learning strategies to create and maintain a safe, supportive, progressive, professional setting oriented by the advocacy and activism for the health and well-being of patients and professionals in the culture of healthcare.

Sanctuary Brief

Sanctuary Health & Social Care will be located on Columbus’s South Side with pop-up clinics throughout Columbus. This step was the first goal of our community engagement strategy to provide public health services. Our goal is to maximize community investment by earning the trust and respect of the cultural groups within communities and inviting participation and collaboration. Additionally, we provide a professional environment that educates and empowers students, staff, and volunteers. Sanctuary Health & Social Care will be a safe and secure space for minority populations, both patients and providers, to thrive and experience a medical setting that sets benchmarks for equity. Sanctuary Health & Social Care is oriented by academic and scientific methods to provide free primary care, health, and social services to underserved populations and address healthcare disparities.

Sanctuary Health & Care engages the community to be effective patient advocates. Further, we recognize the central value of diverse professional representation that contributes to organizational identity and values. Sanctuary Health & Social Care’s strategy is to educate volunteer professionals and student interns regarding cross-cultural collaboration, professional development, patient advocacy, community engagement, and social equity. Sanctuary Health & Social Care is informed by social justice, evidence-based research, critical race theory, and ethical medical practices.

Sanctuary Health & Social Care treats community health by addressing the social determinates of health and adverse childhood experiences (A.C.E.). This approach includes preventing A.C.E. from occurring and managing the trauma that persists. Additionally, epidemiological science and public health strategies are used to develop solutions as services. Providers are patient-focused and must understand the patient’s health in the context of internal and external systems. The focus of our medical and social professionals will be upon the macro level, which will require understanding the large-scale systemic causes of public health issues, the mezzo level that recognizes the individual and their lived experiences, and the micro-level of internal medicine.

The Executive Director volunteers experience in healthcare as an administrator and provider and an academic background in Medical Anthropology. The Sanctuary Health & Social Care Board comprises women of color and represents community organizers, entrepreneurs, service providers, and students. Informed by the collective experiences of our Board, the strategies of Sanctuary Health & Social Care are focused on targeting solutions to the public healthcare crisis and innovating healthcare strategies. The organization will be collaborating with community organizations, with pop-up clinics planned in neighborhood locations that are culturally significant to the community culture.

Our pace has been gradual and deliberate, with steadfast progress in establishing a foundation of principles and a team of compassionate and competent professionals to set the trajectory for improvement and impact. We hope this brief has provided you with the information you may need to appreciate our organization’s status, purpose, and strategy. Sanctuary Health & Social Care appreciates your time and consideration with this opportunity to collaborate. If you have further questions or comments, please email, phone or text.


Our staff consists of community volunteers, professional volunteers, and students. Cross-functional and cross-cultural collaboration is a strategy that results in a more vital effective team dedicated to providing quality care and community support. Sanctuary is for individuals who seek to be nurtured and strengthened by practicing their skills, applying their education, performing their duties, and caring for their communities with faith, discipline, wisdom, and compassion.

Sanctuary Roles

Unique to the positions at Sanctuary Health & Social care role are opportunities to participate in community activism as a crucial complement to clinical practice. Sanctuary Health & Social Care realizes that our roles have a responsibility to provide individual care and support in the clinic while supporting patient and professional advocacy in the community and healthcare setting. Our organization is positioned to influence culture by promoting the dignity and equity of patients and professionals as they navigate and define healthcare systems. All positions serve as role models to develop and maintain an empowered and autonomous sense of self and an obligation to be active participants in defining public policy and serving the community.

The organization provides opportunities to volunteer one to two times a week in the late afternoon and evenings to guide and participate with students and volunteers as we attend to the health of our community and neighbors. There will be a frequent cross-functional collaboration between professionals and academics to review research and develop policy and programs during this time. Additionally, this will be a time to support each other as we practice our commitment to healthcare and recover the inspiration and faith in our obligations as servants to health and community.

Sanctuary Health & Social Care and the roles positions have been shaped in part by the history of the People’s Free Medical Clinic (PFMC), the research of Thomas R. Frieden and the Health Impact Pyramid framework, the Sanctuary Model of organizational culture developed by Dr. Sandra Bloom, the critical race studies of Frantz Fanon, and the historical research of Harriet A. Washington.


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Matthew, Dayna Bowen. Just Medicine: A Cure for Racial Inequality in American Health Care. New York: New York University Press, 2015.

Nelson, Alondra. Body and Soul: The Black Panther Party and the Fight against Medical Discrimination. Minneapolis ; London: University of Minnesota Press, 2011.

Washington, Harriet A. Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present. 1st pbk. ed. New York: Harlem Moon, 2006.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

U.S. healthcare's treatment of minority populations has contributed to a public healthcare crisis. The march toward dignity, autonomy, and justice for the exploited and oppressed are foundational to Sanctuary Health & Social Care. As advocates for public health Sanctuary Health & Social Care actively practices and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion programs and initiatives to healthcare institutions.


Sanctuary Health & Social Care wants to extend an invitation to you to get involved, connect, take action, and join the community. Be it as a board member, advisory council, volunteer, donations, or source of inspiration. Please contact Allan Doan at doanallan@santuaryfreeclinic.org

Board and Advisory Committee

As established by Sanctuary Health & Social Care bylaws, our board requires a majority representation of minority ethnic groups and minimally half of the representation by women. The board shall be occupied by no less than three and no more than fifteen members. The Sanctuary Health & Social Care board represents a think tank of diverse backgrounds, experiences, professions, cultures to provide guidance and resources to the Executive Director and staff. The responsibilities of implementing the initiatives of Sanctuary Health & Social Care falls upon the staff. Staff may also perform as board members. Board members serve a two-year term not to exceed three terms. Board members may be reelected after one year of inactivity, providing there is availability for board members. Board membership requires an annual donation of no more than one dollar. There is one mandatory meeting a year, with emergency meetings to be held with two week's notice. Auxiliary to the board is the advisory committee. The advisory committee is a valued resource of volunteers who donate their time, guidance, and resources but are not available as board members or site volunteers but select to participate in a modified capacity.

Sanctuary Board

Board Roster

Wanda Dillard, Board Chair

660 Ackerman Road, Room 655, PO Box 183110

Columbus, Ohio 43218

(614) 293-5972

Allan Doan, Executive Officer

208 Fort Street

Columbus, Ohio 43210

(740) 503-6603

Fatmah Zafar, Secretary

351 Sherwood Meadows Dr.

Gahanna, Ohio 43230

(614) 772-4754

Mara Flood, Treasurer

1175 Country Club Rd

Columbus, Ohio 43227

(614) 370-1984

Jordin Johnson Director of Social Work

(614) 390-5091

90 East College Avenue

Westerville, Ohio 43081

Jahnavi Munagala,

7842 Avaleen Circle North

Dublin, Ohio 43016

(903) 905-3117

Mitali Dalwalla

(419) 902-4425

1841 Neil Avenue

Columbus, Ohio 43210

Advisory Committee

Karla “Kacey” Clemons-Vaughn

(380) 799-3424

LaKaiah Barnes


IRS tax-exempt organization TIN #86-3699963

DUNS #072105255