for the providers

Healthcare and public health volunteers like yourself sacrifice much because of their innate desire to nurture and heal. As such, they are often exploited and excessively imposed upon. The traumas accumulate, and without appropriate care and support your health suffers. So much of what healthcare workers do becomes lost in ever-increasing work demand, data flow, regulations, strategies, negotiations, and exhaustion.

You nurture, heal, communicate, and care; this is who you are and what you do. Sanctuary returns this to you in an environment that is safe and supportive of the needs of healthcare workers and their distinct lived experiences. When you thrive as a person and professional, our patients and community thrive as well.

Volunteering should satisfy the soul and return the satisfaction of being a healer, an appreciated team member, and a community advocate. Sanctuary supports the needs of the volunteer to be satisfied and healthy. Sanctuary can be the volunteer’s opportunity for a retreat to recover the sacred dimension of healthcare.

Care and healing begins with you.