Disciplines, Justifications, and Strategies

Sanctuary is a cross-discipline organization representing physical medicine, mental health, social care, public health, social science, education, public policy, and urban planning. The disciplines collaboratively focus on specific justifications and then develop adaptive strategies.

Physical Health

It seems every day depends on you doing the impossible. Everything can stop when disease, illness, or injury occurs. Sanctuary realizes that as you endure and strive, your health is necessary to persevere. Taking vitals and handing out brochures isn't enough to keeping you healthy. Sanctuary is committed to healing your community by healing our neighbors.

Mental Health

Everyone is struggling with something. Everyone has felt emotional integrity buckle under the burdens of life. Sanctuary will help you shoulder the weight and stand straight and firm again. There should be no barrier to accessing safe and trusted mental health services that you can confide in, receive guidance, and expect compassion.

Social Health

Each of us is born anticipating family and community. We are fundamentally social and depend on each other to endure and excel. Sanctuary identifies existing social support resources and networks to connect people with the social systems that serve individual and community needs. We integrate our care with social systems to contribute to community strength and the health of our neighbors.

Community Health

A community's physical and abstract resources must contribute to a secure infrastructure for a neighborhood to endure and prosper. Sanctuary is invested and committed to working with community partners and listening to our neighbors to participate collaboratively in stabilizing and securing the neighborhood. Community health is only achieved if we acknowledge, respect, and understand the strength and autonomy of the neighborhood.

Professional Health

The effectiveness of our healthcare services depends upon our service provider's health and well-being. Sanctuary is a refuge for those at all stages of professional development to receive support, guidance, and opportunity to thrive. There is joy and peace to be gathered from this vocation. Sanctuary empowers and liberates providers so that they may discover or recover the pride and purpose of care.