Efforts and Initiatives

Post Scripture

Following religious activities, meet with pharmacy volunteers to discuss prescription practices. Further details to be announced.

Prescription for Parks

Local parks offers settings and activities to support mental and physical health. Further details to be announced.

Cafe Care

Providing care with cafe convenience. Further details to be announced. Healthcare services are to be provided at local grocers, cafes, and eateries to make wellness more accessible and acceptable.

Cornerback Care Tailgating

Providing tailgaiting healthcare while enjoying the game and community. First aid necessary to treat loses will be available.

Healthcare and Haircare

Providing men's healthcare services and a free haircut. Further details to be announced.


Joyn is a part of Sanctuary's administrative structure to assure volunteers have a voice and are influential in contributing to the identity of our organization. Joyn is an internal committee established to evaluate the volunteer culture and provide support and services that invest in their joy of volunteering.

Inquiries please email Allan Doan at doanallan@sanctuaryfreeclinic.org